Monday, May 5, 2014

Polyvore is awesome.

Not to sound like a teenager,since I am in my 40's, but I recently discovered a new website(well it is new to me), called Polyvore and it is absolutely awesome!! I love it! As a decorator, I was excited to create home sets.but I find myself making more fashion sets. Who would have thought?! It is a great outlet for creativity and it is great to get feedback from other Polyvore  members. I find myself  spending more and more time there and away from my regular online time wasters,like Facebook. I had to laugh when I got a message on FB,  from an old school friend saying "You have been very quiet!" I admit FB is or should I say was, a huge part of my life. It is a huge time sucker but I like catching up with old friends and playing games. Sadly, I haven't even missed it since messing around on Polyvore. Wow! It was nice to be missed in a manner of speaking or be told I "share" too much stuff. lol  To check out my "sets", go to: