Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Living Room: Part 1

Well "Project Living Room" is well under way. I am real excited!! For the next week, I might be real busy and not able to post a lot due to the fact that our apartment is in complete disarray and we need to put it right quick since we have an upcoming inspection in Feb. It is a long story,but while I was here I thought I would post the pictures I have of the GORGEOUS cabinet I got to put my new flat-screen on. It is beautiful, vintage (@1970)  and has plenty of storage. The price wasn't bad but the shipping OMG it cost more than the item itself!! But I think I will be real happy with it. I always wanted a mirrored piece of furniture and this is chrome where it isn't mirror. It is so cool!! So without any further is the cabinet. 

So what do you think??

I can't wait until it gets here. I am not sure when that will be though. This is my first experience with having to deal with a shipper who is separate from the seller. In other words, they are having to hire the shippers on my behalf and they come to pick up my order. It is unfair to me that they charge a $25 fee to go to residences since they usually do businesses only. I just hope this all goes off without a hitch and nothing gets broken or damaged in transit.                                                                                                 

I also snagged a great deal on craigslist. I have been very fortunate with craigslist. Sadly, everything I had got off craigslist was stolen after the fire or destroyed during the fire. Anyway, I got 3 black living room tables. They are really nice and show a bit of wear but nothing horrible. The end tables were $35 and it was $15 for the coffee table since it was a little rougher than the others but no biggie.The coffee table has a glass top and the cocktail tables are all wood which I found a bit unusual but they all have the same cool wood patterned shelf. I think it will fit in with my decor very nicely. To light up my glamorous living room, I found the perfect vintage (mid century modern 1950's) table lamps. They are crystal looking but are made of lucite. BEAUTIFUL!!! I managed to find a floor lamp in Tuesday Morning that I think would complement them nicely. It is black metal with a black shade with lucite crystal prisms dangling off of the scrolled metal. Once I take a picture, I will add it here to my Living Room collection pictures.