Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project Living Room:Part 4 ~Accessories

If you are like me, then you love the little details, the finishing touches that tie a room together. These little details that can make or break a room are the accessories. They can turn a boring,sterile room into an warm, inviting, interesting room in just a short amount of time. It is amazing what some throw pillows, pictures and some simple decorations can do to a room!! Let's not forget the importance of color, but that topic is for another day. 

Today, I want to share with you some of the fantastic accessories I found for my living room in my apartment. However, before I do that I have some very good news to share. First, my amazing chrome and mirrored cabinet I have been very patiently awaiting since January finally was delivered correctly last week and I absolutely love it!!! I say correctly because an attempt was made 2 weeks ago to deliver it. It turned out they had someone else's mirrored dresser and mine was in Atlanta. Luckily, I only had to wait an additional week for them to return with the right piece of furniture. It took 3 delivery men, plus my boyfriend to carry it up the stairs and that was without the doors on it!! That sucker weighs in at 350 lbs. so it won't be moving all over the apartment. I dread what happens whenever we move. But luckily we do not need to worry about that just yet. I haven't put out my decor yet as the room is still a work in progress, but I managed to snap a pic after we set the tv back upon the top of the new console.

I LOVE this!!!

So is it gorgeous or what?? I am so thrilled to  finally have it in my possession. While I was waiting for them to re-deliver the correct piece of furniture to me, I did some research online about my vintage ello cabinet. I haven't been able to find a definitive date for it. I have seen it described as mid-century quite often, but also have heard it was from as late as the 1970's or 80's. I find the later dates more believable because to me it appears more modern. For whatever it's age, it is actually in very  good condition. To me, it looks brand new. I found out ello made several other pieces similar to this , in various sizes with the same matching door. I saw everything from single door, to tall ones, as in an wall entertainment center unit, up to 6 doors. The 6 door version,  like the one I have, is supposedly very rare. I found ello cabinets priced from $1800-$5500. Very grateful, my cabinet was priced no where near there. I will post more pics as I get more items situated. 

My second bit of good news comes from Macy's. I received an email that my back-ordered furniture is now able to be scheduled to be delivered. My delivery date is on April 16...not long now. I am so anxious for that as well since I ordered it on Feb. 17. The customer service people at Macy's even oohed and ahh'd over the living room suite I picked. Technically, I do not know if you can call it a suite, since it is only a sofa, chair and ottoman, but I digress. I ordered from the Reyna Living Room Collection. The fabric I am told was called Bella ( like my missing collie) and the color is Granite. I also loved the Berry color, which was a red wine/burgundy color. I would have picked that but I always seem to go for dark colors and I am trying to go lighter in my color choices. Believe it or not, granite is not as dark as it sounds,maybe a medium gray. So things are progressing nicely on that front. 

Back to the original topic at hand...accessories. I love them! I am very much a detail-orientated person. As mentioned previously, I love  deals and am tickled when I find a good one. And I did find quite a few. I don't have pics of all the new items yet, but will post them in the future. I found a really nice iron floor candelabra on ebay to put in the corner. For a piece this size, the price was not bad. I cannot remember because I got it over a month ago but I think with shipping it might have cost around $30-40. I saw these neat ivory color scented LED candles at Tuesday Morning (love that place!) and thought I might use a set there for safety reasons. I still love candles as much as I ever did,but after losing practically everything I own ,including my house and almost being killed in a house fire, I am a bit skittish now around anything "fire" related. So honestly, I wasn't holding much hope for LED candles, as I thought they would be very fake looking. I ended up very much surprised. I love that they have a scent...never knew they could come that way. They actually are wax on the outside, so they feel real and they are sculpted on the edges to look like a real melted candle and the flickering bulb on the inside looked so believable. Also, the candles come with a timer. I haven't used it yet since it only lets the candles "burn" for  hours and I use them much longer as I really like them. They really provide a cozy, warm,romantic feel with no heat or worry about knocking them over. The vanilla scent is rather faint though but other than that I am a happy customer. $15 bought me 3 candles in 3 different sizes.

Above is my LED candles display...about 4 feet tall. To give off scent, plugged in next to the candles is a wallflower from Bath and Body Works. They are wonderful and last over a month!! I found a wallflower plug or whatever they are called in a hip Moroccan design of a quatrefoil/ogee curve that matches my room. Right now, I am using a scent called "spring" and it really is quite delightful. The best way to describe it is like a meadow of perfumey fresh flowers. I note a strong scent of either honeysuckle or jasmine. I think it is jasmine though. Every time, you enter the room it is like another world. In my bathroom, I have Japanese Cherry Blossom. However, that scent is rather mild in comparison. I like it but for the bathroom,let's just say I would prefer a stronger scent.  I thought it would be a bit stronger as Japanese Cherry Blossom was always one of my favorite scents from BBW. I had the whole shower collection and it always smelled nice and clean but brisk, if that makes any sense to you. So now, it at least might seem like my candles have some scent. I grabbed a bunch, since they were on special for $2.50 a piece and normally I think they are around $6. Plus I had a coupon for 25% off so I did good.

Speaking of quatrefoil/ogee curves, on a whim a purchased a tray on clearance from Target for around $10 and it looked really cute online but in person it was even nicer looking. Because of the way the picture was displayed on the website, I thought it was a white cheap plastic tray with a black design. Instead, it was very well made of glass and durable plastic decorative insert. It was really so much prettier than I ever thought it would be. Target really surprised me...too bad their selection of black lampshades wasn't as nice! 

My most recent find was on my local craigslist. Someone listed a new quatrefoil wall mirror they bought at Hobby Lobby for $70. I had seen them there and they were very nice but I thought expensive since I already had another pricey mirror in mind for my living room. On craigslist, they were asking $45 which I thought was reasonable for such a nice mirror nearly 3 feet wide. I may end up using this in my dining room area which is open to the living room. Either way, the other mirror I was planning for over the sofa would work in either room. The other mirror is made up of rhinestones and pearls...gotta have some sparkle!! I have a few other cool pieces which I will share with you soon. Until next time....xoxo

tray from Target

Craigslist find
Splurge from Seventh Avenue