Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love a good Bargain...

Being a shop-a-holic , I of course, appreciate a good bargain, no matter what it is on. I do not discriminate against bargains!! lol Whatever saves me $$$ , either right away or in the long run is good to me.I love to find bargains, especially if they are not advertised . It is like my own private treasure. Advertised sales, usually have things at a good price but sometimes if you don't get their right away all you end up with is junk or crap that no one else wants! 

I managed to do good in January...I visited Claire's Boutique because I am addicted to celebrations, therefore I love holidays and Claire's always has a decent selection of holiday themed jewelry and other accessories. I ended up getting a faux hair piece (braided headband) that matches my hair exactly. It had a tiny hint of fuschia and green sparkly strands thru it, but that only glams it up. For a dollar something, I wasn't going to complain because it didn't even look Xmassy to me. I also got a green glittery headband which I thought could also be used for Saint Patrick's Day. I also founf a red,green and white beaded necklace and bracelet set.Each bead had white rhinestones on it. Very cute. The best thing of all I got was the cutest pair of slippers, red velvet with white furry trim.  Embroidered on one slipper was "Naughty" & "Nice" on the other and they both had jingle bells attached so with every step, you hear a jingle. I saw these online and wanted them immediately. 

I knew if they had anything Christmas left in the store, that the pickings would be slim but should be on sale so I decided to stop in my local Claire's. The slippers, originally $15 were now only $2 and change!! And they had 2 pairs left and one was in my size!! Total spent was $14 and change for everything I got. I can't remember what else I got...I know it had to be more stuff because everything was severely marked down 75%. If I discover what else I got I will add it.

To kill time a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I wandered into Michael's Arts and Crafts store. Right up front was the discounted Valentine's Day stuff. Very slim pickings. There was a nice red vase marked down to a dollar something but I really couldn't see a use or place for it. I don't really have a lot of red in my house but liked the color. There was one thing that immediately caught my eye though and I thought for sure it got placed on the table, by accident. It was a crystal heart paperweight. The light sparkled off of it , so of course, I was distracted. lol I inquired how much it was and the cashier asked an employee working on the floor and he responded that they were marked way down and there weren't any more left. But he told the cashier to give it to me for 50 cents!! I was like "SOLD". I proudly put it in my cart and felt quite giddy inside that I discovered such a deal. I noticed similar paperweights that were diamond shapes for selling over $5 a piece, so I was convinced I got a good deal. I knew just where to put it too. In my hallway, I have a shelf that spells out the word, "LOVE" on it. In fact, each letter is a shelf itself. I decided to put all things romantic or dealing with love on there.

As you can see,  I have my framed collection of LOVE stamps, something I always just liked. My statue of the Eiffel Tower, that I got in Paris. My "Kiss Me" frog prince that I found one year on Valentine's Day. Next to that is my sand castle made out of genuine sand that I bought one time on a beach trip. I also have a 2 halved heart bottle, which is another Valentine's Day clearance leftover. Another frog prince is my music box that plays "Someday my Prince will Come". Next to that is a mosaic candle holder with a heart on the front. Below we see that amorous skunk, Pepe Le Pew and his feline sweetheart. And lastly we have a present from an old friend, Garfield juggling hearts and next to that is my new 50 cent heart!! Isn't it pretty??