Saturday, February 22, 2014


Sadly, my console table, the one I was planning on using for an entertainment center to hold my new flat screen tv has not shipped out yet. It won't even be picked up until next Thursday I believe and delivery is set for sometime in March. I have been waiting over a month for this thing and I am anxious!! 

The lady I purchased it from on Ebay was a bit snooty with me when I complained how long it was taking. She said if I chose curbside delivery I would have had it in 10 days but since I chose "white glove service" it would take longer. First off, I don't know what difference that would make either way what kind of delivery I had as to how it would affect delivery time and secondly, I did not simply "choose" white glove delivery. They informed me my shipping cost (which was outrageous by the way) was for curbside delivery only. It was costing me extra for being a  residential  delivery, plus extra for a lift gate, but they would not bring it in my house. I only paid the high delivery price because I wanted that cabinet so badly.

 She then gave me an even higher quote for them to carry my item upstairs to my apartment and inside one door and drop it and go. I don't believe they unwrap or place it anywhere special for you but yet I was "choosing" white glove service. I just wanted it upstairs and preferably in place that's all because I can't carry it. I didn't ask for anything fancy, just what you would expect from a furniture delivery.

 Next thing you know she changes shipping companies and said she thought it was for the best and she said the price was slightly higher but she paid the difference.I thought that was nice of the person. But now I don't know because after I complained and I was very polite and nice about it,suddenly it was my fault it was taking so long as the shipping was out of her hands. (Because they do not do the actual shipping, they hire the shipping company.)Then she acted so put out because she is going to work a whole hour early to accommodate the shipping company's schedule. If I ran a business of my own, I would expect no less from myself. That is what you do when you run a business...sometimes you have to go out of your way for your customers to make them happy by following up on things, not just assuming things. You do what you have to do. It is not even really go out of your way, it is good customer service. Anyway, sorry for the rant I am just frustrated. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know the major decision I made for the living room but I ended up going on about the cabinet. Oh well, next time!!