Thursday, March 6, 2014

Project Living Room:Part 3 (Update)

It has been a while since my last post concerning Project Living Room, so I thought I would give you an update on the progress. I have had several  personal issues that required my immediate attention dropped on my lap, so I have had to spend my time tending to other parts of my life. Hopefully, everything will all be fully taken care of by next week and then I can blog more. Yay!! I have felt like a juggler who is about ready to drop a bowling pin!! Not good. 

Thanks to my very dear friend,Mr. Mailman, I have another lovely little addition to my living room. And I have no idea who my mailman is or what he even looks like but when I hit Amazon or Ebay,his visits tend to be quite frequent, evident by the boxes blocking traffic in front of my screen door! I need an ottoman and the one ordered with my new living room suite will not be here until mid-April at least, so I found a simple, but really cute ottoman to use in the meantime. It can probably be used as an extra seat in a pinch. It is so me!!

The ottoman is black velveteen with rhinestone/crystal buttons. I love it!! It feels very firm and is actually higher than my sofa.I haven't truly used it other than propping my feet up momentarily in the excitement of it's arrival. I am sure it will get used very soon. It might be a bit of a tight squeeze once my furniture gets here, but I thought it was small enough to fit in a corner somewhere or at the bottom of my coat closet. I must say it is the most elegant ottoman I have ever seen! Never before in my life did I ever think I would get giddy over an ottoman!! 

The majority of what I have planned for my living room is still on order or in the process of being shipped,however, a few new pieces are already being used. I can't believe I got such a fashionable,cute rug at Walmart for under $40 and it is a 5'x7'. They have a few cute styles in various colors at this price point but I chose the classic"black and white". 

The above pictures are samples and did not come from my actual living room. But, I will  be posting pics as soon as the room is finished. I so love the rugs striking bold geometric pattern. I am seeing it everywhere online. I even saw an almost exact copy of this pattern rug on Joan Rivers' Fashion Police show on E! I was bowled over that my taste was now that popular. When I decided to decorate my place in the "Hollywood Regency" style, it was not mainstream at all. I have loved it for years before I even knew there was a name for it! This quatrefoil or ogee curve pattern is becoming a favorite of mine. I found matching pillow covers, as well. I need to order pillow fillers from good ol' Wally World. They have them in a 2 pack for around $7-8. 

So it seems like things are fitting into place nicely. I managed to find a similar patterned runner for by the front door and a small 2'x3' to go in front of the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. There were no other sizes of the area rug I purchased and the ones I found that matched my pattern and had various sizes,  costed more than the area rug I bought itself, so I decided against those. Besides, it is my opinion that such a large bold print , all over,in such a small space would be over kill. The same geometric print in different sizes I felt might work. I also limited the number of patterns over all in my living room for the same reason, overkill. I found these similar rugs also online from Walmart and they were cheap like under $10 a piece and the difference is the pattern is on a smaller,less bold scale and the white is not as bright. The website says it is beige and depending on the light, it looks either beige or a slightly off-white. I think these should work despite the differences. Plus, I wasn't wanting my look to be too "cookie-cuttery". You know, everything matching perfectly. Matching details I love but a bit of variety is good too. I want my room to look like I choose every item in it carefully,not like I just bought out an entire collection from a going out of business sale!! 

So I am still waiting for my entertainment unit/console. It is due to be delivered later on this month and I am very,very anxious as I ordered it in January.I cannot fathom why the shipping is taking so long. To see the piece I am referring to,please read my "Project Living Room:Part 1". Also, I am waiting on my living room suite, which is on back order and due to come into their warehouse in mid-April. Thinking back, I do not think I ever revealed which set I decided to go with. I posted pics of both contenders on my "Project Living Room:Part 2" blog. I was torn between a very good priced,gray velvet tufted, 2nd hand sofa, I found on craigslist. I also knew where I could order the matching chair, but it had no ottoman. And the second choice,but first love, was the gray tufted sofa with the gorgeous rolled arms from Macy's. I knew which one I really wanted in my heart, but was trying to stick to a smaller budget. A friend advised me to go with my heart because the price difference was not that huge, in her opinion and she shared her own experience of buying a living room set. She spent more money than me, but hated her set. She taught me to love what you buy or rather BUY what you LOVE!! I am going to be the one who has to live with it and sit and look at it every single day, so the choice became simple....I am happy to announce that I went with the Macy's set!! The reviews of the set were all 5 stars or else I would have had a very difficult time buying a sofa sight unseen. That still is a bit weird to me,but I am confident with Macys. The sofa is so popular it is on back order, so that is what is holding up my order. I can't wait until it gets here.

 Meanwhile, I am trying to be patient and trying to find some artwork to hang on the wall. I also am trying to nail down an accent color for the living room. I originally thought red because it goes so well with black and white and gray, but I feel that is so overdone. I was thinking of some more modern color palettes, like maybe hot pink or turquoise. I love the color aubergine/eggplant, you know a dark purple but feel it would be too dark a choice but a muted version might look very elegant next to silver/gray. I also am loving yellow with gray! It looks so fresh and clean, especially with white in the room. I don't have a lot of white,more black but I am shocked how much I am digging the color yellow. Now the color gold, either metallic or not, I love! I used to have my old living room painted gold,unfortunately, the apt. complex where I live, does not allow tenants to paint. Everything is painted a horrible off-white color, so to me, everything looks dirty and in need of painting all the time. And we are forced to live with it. A bright stark white would look so much better to me, perhaps with some gloss to it. I don't care for this matte paint they chose for all the apartments. Anyway, until next time I will be trying to come up with some accent color ideas. If anyone has any suggestions , please just let me know in the comments section. Thanks xo